What is bisexuality and what is a bisexual book?
27 September 2022

I should explain basic terminology and the criteria I’m using for including books on this website. Other people might have a different idea of what counts as a bisexual book but this is what I'm going with on this website!

What's bisexuality?
I define bisexuality the way bisexual activists have been defining it for half a century: as attraction regardless of gender. That doesn’t mean “gender blindness”, it just means gender is not a barrier in attraction and relationships.

What counts as a bisexual book?
In fiction, I define a bisexual book as a book with a major bisexual chracter. The word “bisexual” doesn’t have to be used, but it has to be clear that a character is bisexual: through relationships with people of different genders, attraction to people of different genders, discussions of sexual orienation …

In poetry, I use a similar definition: I cover collections that have a clearly bisexual subject/narrator (for example, a collection could include love poems about women and men) or mention bisexuality explicitly.

When it comes to (auto)biographies, I cover works about bisexuals that acknowledge their bisexuality, even if it isn’t a major topic of the book.

Essays and theory must address bisexuality directly to be included.

Do authors have to be bisexual?
I include books regardless of whether the author is (out as) bisexual, but I do have a separate category to highlight bisexual books by bisexual authors. I don’t include books by bisexual authors if the work is not bisexual (I might dedicate a blog post to that some time, though!).