My name is Ada (she/her), I’m bisexual, and I’m always on the lookout for new bi books!

However, I’ve found myself a bit frustrated by the fact that no matter what language I search in and which website I use, the internet keeps recommending the same selection of commercial US American books. Unfortunately, I feel I’m a little old for YA books about meeting your high school crush, and a lifetime of reading has made me hopelessly pretentious. I want diversity in the books I read, but not if “diversity” exclusively means “American.”

So I’ve set out on a mission to discover literary, weird, unique, and obscure bisexual books from all across the globe.

While on my journey I also started learning more about the pitfalls of social media. And to be perfectly honest I just wasn’t having fun anymore endlessly scrolling through short form content! I don’t want to abandon the internet, I love the internet, I just want it to be slower, more thoughtful and calmer.

So I decided to spend less time on social media and instead to build a website dedicated to the kinds of bi books that I would like to see. The Literary Bisexual is my little personal project. I don’t claim to be objective, this is just my taste, my preferences and my clunky attempts at coding. I really hope it helps anyone looking for more interesting bi works, but at the end of the day, it’s just a fun hobby for me!

I will continue to update the website as I discover and read more books. If you have any book recommendations, you can reach me here: theliterarybisexual [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also sign my guestbook, follow me on neocities or check out the video essays I co-create on YouTube (many of which are on bisexual topics).